Motion control of up to 16 axes。

●  Motion control of up to 16 axes.

●  The output mode of pulse:direction/pulse or dipulse.

●  Supports position measurement by encoder, also can be configured to   hand wheel input mode.

●  The maximum output pulse frequence of each axis can reach 8MHz. 

●  The extended isolation inputs or isolation outputs can reach 512 through built-in CAN bus.

●  Axis positive/negative signal / original signal can be configured to any input.

●  The output port suppors high-current output,it can drive part of the solenoid valve directly.

●  Built-in USB port,RS232,RS422,RS485,Ethernet port.

●  Linear interpolation 、spherical interpolation or helical interpolation up to12 axes.

●  Electronic cams、gearboxes、encoder latch、synchronous Follow、virtual  axis etc.

●  Supports  multifile or multitask programming,PC programme and built-in programme can run together at the same time.

●  Various  encryption  programme to protect  intellectual property of customers.

●  Supports various structures of mechanical arms.


1.ZMC308 Hardware Manual.